We are strongly urging people to consider whether their journey is necessary. Please check your journey before you travel and follow social distancing guidelines.

Application for Primary school transport

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Please name up to three additional people, excluding the parent/carer, who can collect your child from the bus stop on your behalf.

Name of School attending

Journey details

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Date that transport is required to start* (dd/mm/yyyy):*

Child not met

All children are registered by default to be met when alighting the bus. You can optionally register your child to alight the bus as not met only if the child is aged 8 or older. A child under 8 years old must always be met.

Terms and Conditions of Registration and Code of Conduct

By registering your child to use a MyBus primary school bus, you must agree to the terms and conditions:

  • That your child is at the bus stop in good time to catch the bus for their morning journey to school (we recommend five to ten minutes before the bus is due).
  • That the person who collects your child from the bus in the afternoon is at the stop in good time (we recommend five to ten minutes before the bus is due).
  • That all changes to your child’s afternoon travel arrangements are notified to customer services. You do not need to notify changes affecting the morning journey.
  • That all fares are paid at the point of boarding or alighting on the day of travel and not in arrears or show the appropriate boarding pass/season ticket.
  • That your child wears their seatbelt and remains seated throughout the journey until the bus has stopped (we reserve the right to manage a seating plan if necessary, particularly where there are behaviour concerns).
  • That you will talk to your child about observing good behaviour and safety principles which include but are not limited to:
  • Queuing sensibly when waiting for the bus and boarding the bus in an orderly manner
  • Not distracting the driver/escort unless in an emergency
  • Not vandalising the bus or dropping litter
  • Not tampering with the emergency exit
  • Not blocking exits or gangways with your bag or possessions
  • Never walking in front of the bus – always wait until the bus has moved away before crossing the road.

General data protection regulation (GDPR)

To view our full Data Protection and Privacy Statement, please visit our website www.wymetro.com/schools/applications/gdpr. To request a paper copy, please telephone us on 0113 3481122. We will always contact you with regard to the operation of your bus service, such as service changes, or for behaviour concerns with your child. However, we would also like to contact you with marketing information related to your bus service.

Marketing communications opt-in

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Application submission

To submit your application, click the Submit button. Before you do, please read back through your application and ensure all relevant fields have been completed otherwise incomplete or incorrect information will delay your application or may affect the safety of your child when travelling on the bus.