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Application for Secondary school transport

This application is to apply for a place on a school service which requires you to show a priority PhotoCard. Please see our website www.wymetro.com/schools to find out which services require a pass. If you have lost your pass, do not complete this form, please contact our hotline on (0113) 3481122.

* PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A FORM TO APPLY FOR ZERO FARE TRAVEL, IT IS TO RESERVE A PLACE ON A DEDICATED SCHOOL SERVICE ON A FAREPAYABLE BASIS.* Please visit our website www.wymetro.com/schools for details on how to apply for zero fare travel. You will need to complete a separate form for this.

Academic year

Student details


Parent/carer address


Name of School attending

Number of bus service required

If you know which bus service you require please specify in the box opposite. Please also OPTIONALLY specify a 2nd choice in case the first bus is full (where applicable). If you do not specify a 2nd choice service you will be allocated the most appropriate one. We do not offer the facility for pupils to swap services unless the service allocated is inappropriate. Therefore, if you wish your child to travel with friends or siblings please make sure you request the same service. Please note that without prior consent, the bus must not be used until you are in receipt of the pass.

Parent/carer details


Photo uploader - student photo

Click browse to upload a photo. This is a mandatory requirement for both new applications and renewals

Upload your childs photo

Important information - please read

This application form is to reserve a place on a school bus service (providing there are places available). The pass should be used in conjunction with a cash fare or prepaid ticket unless your child qualifies for zero fare travel. To apply for zero fare home to school travel, you need to complete a different form. Details can be found at www.wymetro.com/schools under free school travel. If we receive more applications than there are places, priority will be given as per our Guidelines for the Provision of Secondary School Bus Services which you can find on our website www.wymetro.com/schools. Please note that if you apply after the deadline, we cannot guarantee a place If there are any other factors that you wish to be taken into consideration when processing your application, please specify these below. You may be required to provide supporting evidence.

If you are applying for a place on a bus that is not the nearest bus to your home address, please specify below the reason for your application (ie travelling to an alternative address).

Terms and conditions of registration

When registering your child to use a service you undertake to accept our Code of Conduct and the Conditions of Use of the PhotoCard. These are shown below.

Code of conduct

This includes sanctions which will be applied if the required standards of behaviour are not met. Parents need to be aware that if their child causes any damage or does not meet the required standard of behaviour on the bus they could:

  • Receive a written warning from either the driver or WYCA;
  • Have their PhotoCard withdrawn;
  • Be banned from the bus;
  • Be prosecuted by the police;
  • Be required to pay for any damage they have caused.

This Code of Conduct is also on our website: www.wymetro.com/schools/your-school/code-of-conduct

Priority Photocard conditions of use

  • The Priority PhotoCard is not a travel ticket. It is valid only when used in conjunction with a cash fare or valid pre-paid ticket
  • It must only be used on the service specified on the front of the card
  • It must also be shown to the driver and any ticket checking staff. These staff have the right to retain the PhotoCard, particularly where misuse is suspected or the PhotoCard has been damaged, defaced or in any way tampered with
  • The PhotoCard remains at all times the property of WYCA
  • If the PhotoCard is not required for any reason, you must return it to us so we may offer the place to someone else. Please note that WYCA reserve the right to cancel the Photo-Card if it is not used for 15 consecutive days

General data protection regulation (GDPR)

To view our full Data Protection and Privacy Statement, please visit our website www.wymetro.com/schools/applications/gdpr. To request a paper copy, please telephone us on 0113 3481122. We will always contact you with regard to the operation of your bus service, such as service changes, or for behaviour concerns with your child. However, we would also like to contact you with marketing information related to your bus service.

Marketing communications opt-in

To opt-in to receiving such marketing communications, please tick either or both of the boxes below. If you wish to remain opted out of such communications, leave both boxes blank.

I wish to receive marketing communications:

Application submission

In order for us to accept your application, when you click the Submit button, you acknowledge:

  • that you have read and agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct and the Priority PhotoCard Conditions of Use
  • that you have read and understood our Data Protection and Privacy Statement